Katy offers a variety of courses and workshops. They range from 1 hour to full day workshops. A list of courses and workshops on offer is available below. From time to time according to the demand different workshops will be advertised. There is also the option to hire Katy to teach certain workshops in your area if you are prepared to provide the venue and the students. Minimum numbers of students will be required.   For more information on upcoming workshops, please call us on 07 41 28 70 21 or email ktkacademy@gmail.com

Angel Intuitive

As trained by Doreen Virtue, I can teach you to read Angel cards and connect intuitively.  Get yourself out there reading professionally and using your gifts!

Angel Card Workshop

Get started now and learn how to read those Angel Cards intuitively.  Many of us have bought a deck of Angel Cards, but not done a real lot with them.  If you are wanting to connect via your cards and start reading for family and friends then this is the workshop for you!

Cards will be available for purchase.

Intuitive Oracle Cards

Would you like to be able to read for yourself  and close family and friends.?  Learn to read oracle cards intuitively.  We find it hard to be objective when reading for ourselves.  The cards don’t lie!  You can use these cards to read for anyone accurately.  Learn the symbology as the first steps to connecting to ‘Spirit’.

Intuitive Tarot

Learn the basic meanings of the Tarot and then how to read the Tarot  ‘intuitively’.  This course is for the person that does not want to refer to the book that comes with the deck.  Be able to read intuitively.  Learn to trust the information that comes through.  We use the Tarot as a teaching tool to assist with connecting to the Spirit world.

Tarot Consultations are also available…

Fortune Telling with the Lenormande Cards

Titania's Fortune Cards
Learn to read fortune cards intuitively and unfold the hidden secrets.  Especially beneficially for those who wish to also read for themselves, family and the people in your lives that you are too close to, to be objective with your readings.

These cards say it how it is!

Cards are available for purchase.

Goal Creating Workshop

Learn how to manifest your desires.  Live your dreams today.  Ask and you shall receive, but we need to ask the right way!

Live Your Dreams with a Goal Creating Workshop with Katy-K
Please note: This workshop is run on weekends and lasts 4 hours. Requires a minimum of 6 people.

Crystal and Pendulum Workshop

Come and play at our crystal and pendulum workshop.  Learn about the different types of quartz crystals and their purpose.  How to clear, program and connect to a crystal.    How to work with and get the best out of your pendulum.   Discover how crystals can enhance your life and spiritual growth.  How to choose the right crystal for you.  This workshop is very popular and books out quickly.

Limited to 6 students per workshop. 3 hour workshop

Psychic Development Workshop – Level One

This is a one day workshop that will teach you the basics and get you developing your gift, while building your confidence in your abilities.

  • Recognise the ‘Stages of Opening’

  • Learn the Psychic ‘Do’s and ‘Don’ts’

  • Psychic protection, clearing of energy and grounding

  • How to trust your gift

  • Daily Spiritual habits

  • Learning to receive information

  • Connecting to another Psychically

  • Reading from a photograph

This workshop includes group work.  Come prepared to learn and have fun at the same time.  You will surprise yourself with what you can do!

This is a one day course.

Psychic Development Workshop – Level Two

This is a one day workshop that continues on from Level One.  The workshop will teach you some psychic “tools” and the content includes:

  • Learning to use a Pendulum and working with a Pendulum

  • Connecting to another ‘psychically’

  • Psychometry

  • Scrying

  • Number basics

This workshop includes group work, come willing to learn, have fun and build your confidence.

This is a one day course.

Psychic Development Workshop – Level Three

healing hands
This is a one day workshop that continues on from Level Two.  The workshop aims to take you to the next level allowing you to add more depth into your readings and develop your style.  The content includes:

  • Discover your psychic strengths

  • Working with Chakras

  • Understanding and working with colour

  • Aura Reading

This is a one day course.

Psychic Development Workshop – Level Four

This is a one day workshop that continues on from Level Three.

In this workshop you learn how to prepare for and how to conduct a reading.  You will be encouraged to develop a style that flows.  Conduct a reading from start to finish.  How to incorporate all the psychic tools you have developed in previous courses.  Here is your opportunity to practice what you have learnt and put it into action in a loving and caring environment.

This workshop includes group work, come willing to learn, have fun and build your confidence.

This is a one day course.

Introduction to ‘The Modern Oracle’ Cards Workshop

The Modern Oracle Deck and Guidebook
In this workshop as well as learning from the creator of ‘The Modern Oracle’ cards, you will also receive an insight into the various ways Katy uses her newly released Oracle Deck for her readings.  You will get to study each card in more depth and learn about the intended meanings of each card in a simple and effective way and then look at some of the different card combinations.  A few different spreads and layouts for the cards will also be taught.

No experience necessary for this exciting workshop and it is suitable for all levels, from novice through to experienced.

This is a half day workshop.

Conducting a Professional Reading with Oracle Cards Workshop

This is a workshop for those of you who have a fair idea how to communicate and read with your Oracle or Tarot cards of choice and now want to fine tune your readings.

In three hours we will endeavor to cover the following:

  • Conducting a reading from start to finish

  • How to prepare yourself for a conducting a reading

  • How to ground, clear and protect yourself

  • Setting up your sacred space

  • The connection meditation Katy uses

  • Different card spreads

  • Professional ethics, Do’s and Don’ts

  • Practice reading for others and receive readings

  • How to combine different decks in a reading

Come along and learn how to be a Professional reader!  Bring the cards you would like to work with or we have a large selection that you can choose to work with.

Healing with Colour Workshop

In this workshop you learn how to heal with colour and work with the energy of colour.

Each colour has a vibration and meaning.  Colour is all around us and has been used for healing for centuries.

A colour reading will reveal emotional, physical and spiritual issues, assist you to identify strengths, patterns and highlight your journey.

By using colours you can rebalance your energy and open up healing and direction.

Workshop content can also include the following:

  • Chakras and how they relate to colour

  • Healing properties of colour

  • Connecting to your psychic ability and intuition with colour

  • The meaning of different colours and its uses in healing

  • Creating your own wax art to give psychic readings

  • How to read with colour

  • Colour in Aura readings

Psychometry Workshop

Psychometry is a psychic ability in which a person can sense or “read” the history of an object by touching it.  If you are wanting to refine your abilities and heighten your psychic awareness, practising Psychometry is highly beneficial in your development.

This workshop will give you experience on how to work with this ability and is designed for those who are ready to refine their psychic/intuitive gifts.  Please bring 2-3 objects (such as jewelry, keychains, momentos, photos etc) that belong to you or a loved one who has passed.  Please do not bring clothing or crystals as your item