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Healing Mandala

‘Healing Mandalas’ by Katy-K are channelled specifically for the individual to meet their needs.  They are then attuned to you and activated for you.  A ‘Healing Mandala’ can be requested for a specific problem or a general healing.  Each time you connect to your ‘Healing Mandala’ the energy is building and you are increasing the healing power.  They have been said to be able to facilitate all of the following, depending on the need of the individual as well as much more:

  • Awaken, inspire and nourish your deepest self.
  • Facilitate in the removal of heavy and negative energy, replacing with positive and light energy.
  • Be calming in times of stress and heal
  • Used to guide you upon the path of enlightenment
  • Assist with positive manifestation of your goals and desires
  • Promote harmony, unity, wholeness, healing and a feeling that all things are possible.

Katy-K provides ‘Healing Mandalas’ to clients in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Your ‘Healing Mandala’ will be sent to you electronically.

The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils – 53 Card Deck & Guidebook

The Modern Oracle of Essential Oils is an easy to use deck that is appropriate for all levels of experience and will appeal to anyone that has an interest in healing and essential oils.

This vibrant deck of cards delivers easy to understand practical guidance, through the channelled messages and positive affirmations on each card. The cards are numbered for further guidance and feature beautiful imagery of the source of each oil. There are also special key words to guide, inspire and further enhance your intuitive readings.

This deck is a great tool for healing and can further enhance your knowledge of essential oils, while offering guidance and information for potential healing benefits.

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The Modern Oracle Electronic PDF Guidebook

Purchased The Modern Oracle deck and lost your guidebook? Or would you like to keep a digital copy of the guidebook to take with you at all times?

You can purchase and download The Modern Oracle Guidebook as an electronic PDF for ease of use and portability. Simply load the PDF on to your smartphone or tablet and you are ready to go.

Please note this is a virtual product only. You will be send a link to download the PDF after checkout. You will not receive the booklet in physical form.