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September 2019 – Newsletter

Hello September! I’ve been busy these last few weeks of August like I mentioned last month I had planned on doing some filming and I’ve now recorded videos for 3 new mini-courses! The plan for September is to get all these new courses uploaded and ready for you all! Keep an eye out in the…


Sun 18th August 2019 – Newsletter

The decluttering continues … sort of… Last week we spoke about how I’m releasing 5 things a day. I realise that this can’t go on forever (unless I start counting every little bit of rubbish) because it’s going to come to a time where you’ve released enough.  But then … I looked at my bookshelf,…


August 2019 – Newsletter – Newsletter

Hello August! Hooray!! Mercury in Retrograde is finished… for now. So how did you survive Mercury in Retrograde? So many people I know have struggled in the communications and relationship area. Remember, Mercury in retrograde affects communication, in fact, Mercury is in charge of communication! So many misunderstandings, miscommunications and emotional outbursts that people are now…


Exciting times in Hong Kong

Exciting times in Hong Kong. When I was asked “How was Hong Kong?”, I didn’t hesitate to reply “Exciting!”. Because Hong Kong is exciting, but it’s a lot of other things too. Yes, it’s so hot and steamy this time of the year. Yes, it’s busy and harder to move around as there are people everywhere.…


July 2019 – Newsletter – Newsletter

Hello July! I’m excited to have started my live course ‘Combined Readings with The Modern Oracle’ – there’s 1 session left, this Thursday 11th July. In these sessions, you learn the different ways you can combine both decks in a reading and get plenty of practice in! If you’re interested, keep scrolling for a link…


Sun 30th June 2019 – Newsletter

Building my Power…       Congratulations to all of you who opened your emails in time to receive my meditation ‘Building your Power’ for FREE. Thank you also to those of you who emailed and expressed gratitude. It is so encouraging to hear your feedback and of the amazing results. I would love it…