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November 2019 – Newsletter

Hello November! Recently I had an ‘identity crisis’. Not the ‘who am I’ kind. But the ‘facial recognition’ kind. My iPhones facial recognition quit. I did not expect this from my less than two years old iPhone, (it is really still a toddler). I put up with it for about 5 days, this shows you…


Sun 22nd September 2019 – Newsletter

Hello from Katy-K Hello, fellow ‘lightworkers’, Recently I was blessed to have a close encounter with a couple of whales. To say it was exciting would be an understatement. Hervey Bay, where I live, is famous for its whale season. Yes, there are other places where you can visit and encounter whales but Hervey Bay…


Sun 15th September 2019 – Newsletter

Hello, fellow ‘lightworkers’, Firstly, thank you to all those who bought my new online course ‘The Modern Oracle and the Celtic Cross’ spread. I love that you are wanting to learn more ways to work with the Modern Oracle deck. I’ve got some more Modern Oracle mini-courses coming in the future, so keep an eye…