Welcome to KTK Spiritual Advancement Academy...

We offer ‘One on One’ tutoring to enable you to reach the full potential of your psychic and mediumistic gifts in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  Like any form of training you learn faster when you receive the tutor’s undivided attention and the focus is about you and your development.  You will have the opportunity to experience proven techniques helping you to ‘finely tune’ your connection to ‘Spirit’.  Together, we will be working towards achieving accurate and specific messages from ‘Spirit’, professionally delivered.

Your ‘development journey’ starts with a Introductory spiritual assessment. Where we first establish where your strengths are, then uncover which areas you already know and feel confident with. Your lessons are then tailored to enable you to grow in the appropriate direction and reach your full potential.  With each lesson you will be able to see your gift developing.

Some questions often asked:
  • How do I know if it is ‘Spirit people’ or my imagination?
  • Why can’t I get more information from the communicator?
  • How can I widen my awareness?
  • Do I have ability?
  • Is there a difference between the psychic and mediumistic powers?
By attending KTK Spiritual Advancement Academy you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore your own gift and strengthen your abilities to blend with spirit.

  • Achieve progression with your unique gifts

  • Learn how to conduct a private sitting.

  • Understand the mechanics of mediumship.

  • Recognise the difference between information received from the psychic faculty and the spirit world and work in both aspects.

  • Gain greater perception of self.

  • Understand the altered states of consciousness.

  • Read the Tarot and Oracle cards intuitively.

  • Learning the symbols of the fortune cards

  • Understand and work with colour.

  • Mastering the Pendulum

  • Psychometry

  • Reading Photographs

  • Psychic protection

  • Discerning the difference between a vision, fear or ego.

  • Learning to receive messages.

Want to know the answers? Then come join us.

Step onto the path of Spiritual advancement where your abilities will be accelerated to new
heights within a caring safe environment. Set yourself free!

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