Spiritual Mentoring

What is a Spiritual Mentoring?

The first stage of awareness involves feeling a calling as you start to think “Is this all there is to life”. Then the search begins as you look for new ways to do things within your life. Your mentor is someone who encourages you while you establish the necessary courage and insight to find your own answers. Providing an environment in which you can discuss what is of importance to you.

Definition of Mentoring by John C. Crosby

spiritual mentoring with Katy K

Mentoring is a developmental partnership through which one person shares knowledge, skills, information and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of someone else. We all have a need for insight that is outside of our normal life and educational experience. The power of mentoring is that it creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity for collaboration, goal achievement and problem solving. “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

Who can receive Mentoring?

If you have the desire to achieve personal growth and move forward in the right direction then mentoring will be of benefit to you. All levels of experience can receive mentoring. Katy currently is a mentor for many from students to teachers. Mentoring assists you to grow when you feel you are stuck, explore new areas and assist you to find a way forward from the current level or situation you are in, whilst exploring your horizons. As your mentor I will have no judgement of your gifts or situation and provide a safe confidential environment for you.

Is my Mentoring session a reading from Katy?


A mentoring session can provide exceptional learning experiences and in doing so expand your awareness, insight and perspective.

What can I expect from my Mentoring session?

As a mentor I will be genuinely interested in your individual growth, and get to know how your gifts work, how you work and guide you to develop your own personal style that meets your personal best interest. In doing so I will also share my experiences and insights when appropriate as well as act as a sounding board for you. As your mentor I will ask open questions, actively listen and allow you to explore your thoughts and ideas openly with me. This can allow you to unravel your thinking and gain insights, whilst sharing your concerns with me. One of the benefits is that I can provide is a fresh perspective on an issue, which can lead to clarity. Offer you feedback, acknowledge your achievements and celebrate your successes with you.

How many Mentoring sessions are required and how often?

These are your Mentoring sessions, which are usually 1 hour long. You may opt to receive as many sessions as you feel are necessary. It all depends on the individual person.

All Mentoring sessions remain private and confidential at all times.

What is the cost of a Mentoring session?

A Mentoring session with Katy is $100 per hour.

You can also buy six one hour sessions for $550

Interested in Mentoring
with Katy?

Some benefits from mentoring with Katy K:

  • Increases your Self Awareness
  • Simplifies the process
  • You gain courage to take action
  • Keeps you on track and moving forward
  • Insight
  • Perspective and Vision
  • Reduced feelings of isolation
  • Improved performance
  • A sounding Board
  • Suggestions for further development